Dynamic Scaling of the Emf Viewer

Since the Emf Viewer allows multiple files, what happens when one file is best viewed as "landscape" and the other is best viewed as "portrait"? The Emf Viewer analyzes the file and automatically adjusts the orientation of the plug-in window to accomodate the different page orientations. Left click on the image below to see this in action, left click again to return to the original image.

Another advantage of embedding Enhanced Metafiles is the ability to resize the plug-in "window". Some .emf files might use very small fonts and would benefit from a larger view. The Emf Viewer accomodates this need by allowing for changing the image size in response to a user action on the Web page. NOTE: The dynamic scaling capabilities of the Emf Viewer are limited to the abilities of the browser. Netscape 4.x browsers do not support these capabilities.