The Emf Viewer Works in Most Web browsers

The Emf Viewer is actually a collection of two programs, one built as an ActiveX control for Internet Explorer, and one built as a Netscape plug-in. The EmfViewer.js file is a JavaScript file that detects the browser type and version, initiates installing the proper program, and writes the object insertion HTML according to what browser/version is being used.

Commonly used Web Browsers.

The Emf Viewer and JavaScript files have been tested with Internet Explorer 4 thru 6, Netscape 4.01, 6.1, 6.2, 7.01, and Mozilla 1.0. Basically, any browser on a Microsoft(R) Windows machine that supports the use of ActiveX controls OR the Netscape/Mozilla/Gecko plug-in architecture can use and view the embedded control. (See the Dynamic Scaling page for limitations of Netscape 4.x.)